Marriage is a gift, a beautiful gift. 

Schroon Lake | Anniversary

This year we took our Anniversary pictures at Schroon Lake in New York while we were there on vacation. We are celebrating three years!! Andrew and I went to Word of Life for our first year of college, which was where we met during Spring semester. Over the summer you are assigned a ministry at one of the campgrounds. He was a camp counselor at the island, which is in the center of this lake and I worked at the Lodge which is across the lake on the mainland. This is very old school, but at the island Andrew did not have much access to his phone or having service so most of our communication involved hand written letters that summer. We would bring them to the boat boy who would make sure they got to one another and one day a week on our day off we would spend the day together. I LOVE handwritten letters and I believe we got to know each other in a way early on that we would not have if we weren’t forced to be creative in our communication. That summer of 2010, he pursued me the way I have always dreamt about.

Fast Forward 8 years and this man is still pursuing me. He is consistent, accepting, & patient. When I reflect on our 3 years of marriage and 8 years of knowing each other I am amazed at the grace God has poured out on us. Our relationship has been covered in this grace and full of blessing. Like everyone, not all 8 years have been glamorous, despite what the social media world sees. There have been seasons that were hard, seasons we had to beg God to help us understand and push through the tears to smile for a photograph. We all struggle, although pictures often make life seem like a fairytale. It is important to remember that not every season is easy, but when we step back and look we are humbled and grateful for each moment. And we are able to see that although not every season is easy, it is beautiful. By God’s grace the hard times push us closer and He gives us the strength we need to fight together and remain on the same team despite the odds stacked against us. Today I am thankful that in each season this man is by my side and we can face the good and the hard together. And I am humbled by all the good we have been able to experience.

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate & a time to remember. Capture the moments that fly by too fast. Share what you learn with others and let them be apart of your legacy.

p.s. special shout out to my sister for snapping these gems!

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