Finding Your Wedding Photographer | 10 Questions to ask

Connecting With Your Photographer

I believe in asking questions that will reveal if you have a connection with your photographer. More than anything you are hiring someone that you believe can connect with you, help your vision come to life, and be a support throughout the wedding process. My absolute favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is the relationships. Andrew and I have developed so many sweet friendships with our KJP couples. Understanding our couples and getting to know them personally has allowed us to capture genuine emotion and tell their story through photos in a way that truly reflects them. My style is consistent, but each story is unique. Emotion and details bring out that uniqueness and that is something we are dedicated too.

Finding Your Wedding Photographer | 10 Questions to ask

10 Questions 

Our first 5 questions focus on connection and relationship and our last 5 are more technical. Both are important, but I hope most of all these tips help you find the photographer that is right for YOU!

1. Why do you love photographing weddings? 

I love this question because it allows you to see the passion that your photograph has and hear about their story/how they got started. I believe this question will help you know if you connect with your photographer.

2. What is your approach/process?

Our approach to photography, both relationally and artistically, is not for everyone. And we love that. We love that we’re able to connect with couples in specific, tangible ways, and it’s an important part of our process. We find we’re most successful when we work with couples who value building a relationship with us. We have a mutual respect for one another. Valuing kindness and authenticity throughout the relationship, we often remain friends with our couples and love being a part of their lives in this way!

It is important to know what to expect from start to finish. Here is an example of the more technical side of what our process looks like:

3. Why should I choose you?

This question gives your photographer the opportunity to explain what sets them apart, why they are different and worth the investment. There are so many different photographers and the beauty in that is that the same one is not right for everyone. You will be drawn to the one that is right for you and there will be that connection because of how they make you feel and the what you feel when seeing their images.

4. How do you keep the day organized?

I cannot stress how important this is!! Especially if you are not working with a planner. For each of our clients we create a custom timeline that will break down the entire day outlining what we photograph throughout the day. We also send out a bridal questionnaire 2 months prior to the wedding to finalize all the details. We go through this with our couples so that no details are left out. This finalizes our timeline, goes over any special requests, has the family photo list organized, and so much more! Each detail should be thought through and talked through with your photographer! They also need to know how to stick to a timeline and be assertive when necessary to keep your day flowing so that you are able to have all the images you dreamed of. Make sure they provide a timeline and thorough questionnaire.

5. Is an engagement session included?

We have always said engagement sessions feel more like double dates and we absolutely love that! Engagement sessions are when we really get to know our couples and help them get comfortable in front of the camera. It helps prepare all of us for the wedding day and is the time where we connect with our couples the most!

6. Can I see a FULL Wedding Gallery?

Photographers display the best of the best from the wedding day on their blog. It is important to see a consistency in their style throughout the whole day. Viewing a full gallery will show you how they photograph each aspect of the day and handle various lighting scenarios.

7. What is your turn around time?

This drastically varies from photographer to photographer. You will be DYING to see your photos so this is important to ask so you know what your expectations should be! We had to wait 3 months…which I think was a bit much. That is one thing I wish I would have asked ahead of time and this is something we make as a priority in our business!

8. How many weddings have you done? 

Experience is critical when hiring a professional! Wedding days are extremely different then shooting a portrait session. So much goes into photographing a wedding professionally.

9. May I have a list of references?

There is nothing like hearing from people who have worked directly with your photographer! Reading reviews can be very helpful in this way, but also asking for some references.

10. Can you explain what comes in each package?

Questions to ask if it is not clearly stated in the package:

Is a second shooter included? 

This is pretty important if you want a variety of angles, especially if you have a first look or for when you walk down the aisle so both reactions can be properly photographed.

How many hours of coverage is included?

8 hours is full coverage and typically will get you everything you need

Is there travel cost involved?

Is an album included, if not can I purchase one?

How will I receive my images?

How many images will I receive?

Do I have printing rights?

Finding Your Wedding Photographer | 10 Questions to ask

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